New Media

The GMI Group’s New Media Division, Greenhouse New Social Media, will play an important role in distribution and marketing opportunities.

A key target market for the GMI Group is the web2.0 literate 14 – 25 year olds, where a great deal of our content is targeted. Not only does this demographic want to experience their media through the new technology, such as internet-based and wireless devices, they want to feel empowered to recommend and comment on content and be ‘a part’ of the product.

GMI markets content via established social network sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, allowing us to promote as early as possible, creating interest with our target audiences who, in addition to the traditional distribution methods of cinema, television, radio, DVD and CD, are encouraged to visit internet/mobile sites used by the companies in the GMI Group. By combining the use of GMI ‘experts’ in Film, TV and Music who provide the ‘authority’ behind the content, and ‘disruptive’ technologies, GMI’s social framework will allow us to  creative a captive audience for in-direct selling.

In the longer term the GMI Group’s aim is to move from in-direct B2B to direct B2C and develop an on-demand platform for self distribution which will utilize its existing core social media framework as a source for customers on our own terms, which could further be used as a white label platform for other content providers.

It is also the intention to look at producing cross platform content that will use traditional media, as well as internet and mobile, allowing the audience to interact with storylines, events and programs.

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