The Whiskey Robber

The Whiskey Robber

Cop’s, robbers, folk hero’s, dreams and wild lawless adventures… Have you got the bottle to follow the Whiskey Robber?


No money, no decent job, no moral guidance. That’s when Attila Ambrus decided to make his profession Bank Robbery.

Six years, 30 Banks and two prison sentences later he became a cult hero, only robbing banks never robbing his Hungarian people – always taking a swig of Whisky just before each job, gaining notoriety as The Whiskey Robber, becoming a media star, taunting the police and their inept attempts to capture him and then after a prison break, catch him again! Awaiting his final escape from Hungary, half drunk on Whisky, complacency sets in and he is eventually caught by Hungarian commandos, who arrest him before he can take his final sip of drink.

A film about banks, dreams, women, heroes and villains, cops and robbers.

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