Miss Behave Music’s objectives are to help, assist and develop exciting and talented new bands and artists who create music that we believe in, to take their next step in the Music Industry. We aim to work with artists who are cooperative and have the drive, the vision and determination required to succeed in the Music Business Industry.

Greenhouse Media Investment’s CEO, James Daly, has extensive experience and knowledge of music management and events. Our services vary from artist to artist and may include booking gigs, handling releases and distribution (particularly if an artist self-releases their product under their own record label), looking after various social networking sites, website hosting and construction, and presenting and representing the music to the wider Music Industry and public audience. Our goal as music publisher is to find and acquire potential hit songs and songwriters; support, develop and encourage these songwriters of the future.

We have a hands-on approach to talent and are active in all areas of our Artist’s careers, from market placement and perception, production, through to video and imaging, touring, sponsorship and merchandising, as well as basic logistical planning and day to day execution. We also have the facility to promote artist material through our multi platforms within our Film, Documentary and TV Divisions.

Miss Behave Music manage and develop groups or artists and oversee all aspects of a music act’s career. We deal with and advise the artist on all business decisions, as well as many of the creative decisions an artist must make, in our strategies to guide the artist’s rise to the top. With a dedicated full-time Music Artist team, we are focused and committed to ensuring our Artists receive the very best services they need to ensure maximum results.

Investment offerings in Miss Behave Music:


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