Mr Significant Films is an independent British film production company specialising in bold, exciting and memorable feature films to entertain audiences all over the world and which therefore have solid investment return potential. Every film we are involved in is a passion project in which our hands-on approach to bringing projects together ensures that both finance and creative members of the team share the same goal in making films that are not only bold and exciting, but also commercial and profitable.

Rich, unforgettable characters, razor-sharp dialogue and original, compelling plot lines highlight every one of Mr Significant films. Story is the foundation of every film that we undertake. Films should be entertaining, exciting and memorable. These are the films that we produce.

As with all Greenhouse Media Investment divisions, Mr Significant Films offers an investment in feature films which has the strongest potential for investors to receive substantial returns. In today’s film global market that means making films that are commercially viable with solid global appeal. Our up-to-date knowledge of current film market trends make Greenhouse Media Investment strongly well-placed to ensure that all our films are successful.

Investment offerings in Mr Significant Films:

Let Us Prey

  Let Us Prey Synopsis An enigmatic stranger is detained in the cells of a remote police station one fateful [...]

Surviving Auschwitz

SURVIVING AUSCHWITZ SYNOPSIS The Film is based on a true story, that of the life of the boxer Victor “young” [...]

The Whiskey Robber

Cop’s, robbers, folk hero’s, dreams and wild lawless adventures… Have you got the bottle to follow the Whiskey Robber? Synopsis [...]

Kings Of The Park

A PATH THAT SEALED HIS DESTINY…. Its 1978 in a small London community an antisocial and volatile teenager Jamie Delourde [...]