Miss Demeanour Documentaries is a British documentary production company with a passion to make excellent, provocative, pioneering films and programmes for audiences around the world. At a time when the global market for documentary and short film making has become an increasingly significant and lucrative sector of the film industry, we are seizing the opportunities for exploiting this new and exciting development in the raised status of documentary making and its now considerable capacity to offer substantial financial potential.

Our approach to documentary making ranges from popular entertainment features to investigative journalism. Documentaries and short films offer a powerful way of promoting awareness and understanding of important issues that affect our world today. We are attracting major talent in this field, and are continuing to seek dynamic and innovative film makers to fulfill our goals for producing high-quality, compelling documentaries which not only educate and entertain, but are also inspiring.

Investment offerings in Miss Demeanour Documentaries:

Sailing Miss Sadie

Sadie Kaye rocks the boat taking 3 persistent young offenders from the UK Prince’s Trust on an empowering and liberating […]

Tuckers Luck

Tucker’s Luck: The Boy Who Talks To Horses is not just an anarchic animal series, it’s an inspirational real-life fairytale […]

Prince Charlie’s Angels