Greenhouse Media (GMI) is a dynamic media finance and production company setting a new standard in developing and delivering strategically positioned platforms across a diverse portfolio, including Film, TV, Documentary and Music.

Founded by CEO James Daly, investment finance director and film producer, and Nick Munday, former senior partner of global law firm Clifford Chance, Greenhouse Media is uniquely served by the exceptional expertise and diversity of its team. Completed film projects include the hard hitting period drama Surviving Auschwitz and high concept horror Let Us Prey, produced in partnership with Fantastic Films and Makar Productions. The film stars Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) and Pollyanna Mcintosh (The Walking Dead). GMI is currently in advanced development on a number of new feature films, including The Whiskey Robber, a fast paced crime thriller.

Our fully integrated media company engages in all aspects of film and media production, from development through to rights acquisitions and distribution. GMI’s unique blend of expertise in corporate finance and long-held relationships with key players across the film, television and music industries offers all our partners a sound investment in media. We create a diverse portfolio of entertainment projects, all of which have widespread domestic and global appeal. Our team includes BAFTA-winning film director Robert Young, film composer Mike Moran, and experienced producers, such as Ian Davies.

GMI‘s focus has always been on producing films and media projects that generate a profitable return on invested capital. Successful investing is a marathon, not a sprint. That is why we take a conservative, long term approach that avoids unnecessary risk for our investors.

GMI works in partnership with a variety of production companies and talent with a proven track record of target driven commercial success in their fields. By ensuring all our film and media projects have the highest potential for delivering profitable returns for our investors, we continue to attract creative talent of the highest calibre.

Corporate Responsibility

Working Collaboratively: GMI meets the highest standards of social and ethical employment practice in building all our business partnerships. We believe that achieving outstanding results for our investors means working in an environment where people respect, value and support each other. We attach great importance to maintaining the integrity of our responsibilities in corporate citizenship, and are committed to treating employees, producing partners and investors with equal respect. This key principle lies at the heart of our company’s endeavours.

Diversity & Equal Opportunities: GMI continually strives to create an inclusive work environment that draws on and develops the best talent, whatever their race, gender, sexual orientation, or disabilities.

Commitment to Investors: GMI’s approach to Corporate Responsibility is to identify our investors’ expectations and to respond promptly and accordingly. It is imperative to us to communicate with honesty and transparency on the progress of our projects, keeping our investors well informed.

Social Responsibility

GMI‘s passion and commitment to social responsibilities and charitable causes is shared by all members of the company and something we’re incredibly proud of. We are continually looking at new ways of helping worthwhile causes that benefit from our support and opportunities each year. At present, we are developing and supporting social enterprise initiatives in the following areas:

* Unleashing the potential of disadvantaged youth: helping marginalized groups of young people realize their potential.

* Strengthening communities: supporting and delivering arts projects and peer-mentoring programs.

* Fundraising and payroll giving to our Charity of the Year.

* Promoting the advancement of cultural life in our communities via creative programs.

GMI creative team member (writer/actress/producer) Sadie Kaye is also creative director of Brainstorm‘s non-profit group Mental Ideas: an irreverent, witty, unashamedly provocative non-profit film and media platform promoting awareness of mental health issues, all forms of artistic expression, innovation and social enterprise. The platform spotlights artists, writers, filmmakers and social entrepreneurs from around the world, exploring how they are using the arts, film & media to engage and explain mental health in daring and ingenious ways. GMI’s CEO James Daly is an ambassador and intends to work closely with Sadie on this exciting and very important platform.

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