Greenhouse Media Investment is an independent media finance and production business creating original Film, Music, and TV entertainment media content.

GMI aims to produce three or four international films a year, leveraging its strong relationships with established producers, writers and distributors. Each GMI production is targeted to meet its key criteria of high production values coupled with excellent casting and strong highly original and commercially attractive screenplays to maximize the potential for the widest international release.

GMI is now in co-production on two features:

  • “Young Perez” - a very hard hitting period drama featuring Brahim Asloum and Bruce Payne, star of “Passenger 57”. The film is due for release at the end of 2015 and is represented by sales agent Picture Tree International.The film has now been picked up by US distributor 7th Art and is currently on the festival circuit in the US before it will then go on release. Young Perez has now also been signed by UK distributors High Fliers Films PLC and a strategy to release the film in the UK later this year is now being prepared.
  • “Let us Prey” is a high concept horror, featuring Liam Cunningham from “Game of Thrones” and “The Wind That Shakes The Barley” in the lead role. “Let Us Prey” is a co-production with Fantastic Films and Maker Film and is represented by sales agent Metrodome. The film has picked up several awards.Initially the film was premiered in April 2014 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival where it won the Le Méliès d'Argent for Best European Fantastic Film. The Film also won the audience award at the Palmares Film Festival in Portugal. Let Us Prey then went on to receive a third award for best music for a film at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Let Us Prey was also officially selected to be screened at festivals such as The Edinburgh Film Festival, The Fantasia International Film Festival, The Puchon International Film Festival and The Fantasy Film Festival. Major news for the film is that it has now been released in the US on the 26th May 2015 on Video on Demand, DVD and Blu-ray on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Play Station, Vudavans and Vimeo. In the first week of the release of the film it went to number two on iTunes top horror films. Let Us Prey will be theatrically released in Ireland on the 12th June 2015 and then come out on VOD and Blu-ray in the UK on the 5th of October 2015. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LET US PREY

GMI has a number of film projects in advanced development, including crime thriller biopic “The Whiskey Robber” which is slated for production early in 2016. Greenhouse Media is also working with a stable of music artists to deliver original film scores for its films. For more information please click on the Divisions tab.